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Meet Chrisna

Hello! My name is Chrisna , owner of CC Media Co. I'm a brand strategist, creative director, marketing consultant, and video producer. Creativity has been an enduring passion in my life, driving me to seek out opportunities for artistic expression. I firmly believe that every individual holds a unique and captivating story, and it would be an absolute privilege for me to use my creative eye to capture yours. 
I live in Omaha, NE with my husband and sweet baby doberman, Leo. I'm a foodie, enjoy working out, live music, traveling, outdoor adventures and I have an obsession with critiquing billboard designs.

My passion for artistry and storytelling is all part of my purpose. I simply want to encourage and serve others to help achieve their visual goals, enhance design, and produce compelling videos and photos. If you think we're a great match, let's meet and chat over coffee. 

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